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With Yaron Engler, Seamus Fox  & Chase Tolleson

Beyond the Weights: Redefining Your Power and Authenticity

Learn to break free from pretending, hiding, and holding back, and embrace a life that’s more meaningful, genuine, and purpose-driven.


At On Being Men provide driven men with consistent training and support for real-life issues. Through deep conversations and challenging practices we lead men towards meaningful growth and success. We focus on honest communication and alignment to purpose as we believe they are key to the creation of healthy relationships, clarity, confidence and freedom.

the session

How can you find your personal power and authenticity?

What parts of your past can serve your future? What should you let go of to ensure an inspiring and motivating future?

In a world often fixated on the physical aspects of personal training, this event seeks to redefine the narrative. When it comes to working out and going to the gym, many of us witness individuals pushing their limits, lifting heavy weights, yet rarely do we ponder the deeper purpose or the potential health implications. The key lies not just in effort but in understanding how to harness power without unnecessary strain.

Going to the gym can lead to growth and development. It can also be another form of addiction and an escape from the things we need to face the most.

Seamus and Chase faced their pasts head-on. Their stories and approach to life are truly inspiring. Despite diverse backgrounds, their stories converge on the belief that the past doesn’t dictate the future. Both now embody a much more holistic approach to life.

Seamus has undergone a profound transformation, delving into the realms of mental health and mindset.

Chase, sharing a life story that resonates with many, brings a unique perspective to the conversation. Their experiences converge on the pivotal theme of living authentically and being true to oneself.

In this event, we will address questions that resonate with many men:

  • What does it mean to live authentically, and how can one achieve it?
  • What sacrifices are worth making on the journey to self-discovery?
    What benefits await those who commit to this path?
  • How can the stories of those who have faced adversity inspire personal growth – even for those with less tumultuous backgrounds?

Discover keys unlocking closure and freedom from stagnation. Whether into personal fitness or self-development, this session offers authentic, powerful stories reshaping mindsets.

We are calling men to this session who are passionate about personal growth and fitness! Join us for an immersive conversation promising not just knowledge but a transformative shift in perspective. Embrace a deeper understanding of yourself—come aboard for an experience transcending the ordinary.

See you there!

The Host

Yaron Engler
Founder of On Being Men, Facilitator, Speaker & Drummer

I’ve been having many conversations with potential speakers for our events. And when I met Chase and heard his story and approach to life, I couldn’t stop thinking about Seamus.

Both men project a strong, masculine presence shaped by life’s challenges, yet beneath it lies a big heart that, through conflict, had to find a better place.
Both men have captivating life stories intertwined with fitness and transformation. They share a message close to my heart—that real strength comes from the courage to tap into vulnerability. This understanding, often missed in the gym culture, is what I hope our audience takes away.

If you are ready to move away from living a life of facade and masks into a more meaningful, authentic, and purpose-driven life, do not miss this.

For more info about Yaron, visit our about page.

Yaron Engler headshot

The SpeakerS

Seamus Fox 
Coach, business owner, podcaster, Ted talker

Seamus Fox is not just an entrepreneur, but a coach who delves into the intricacies of human behavior, wearing the hats of a husband and father with equal dedication. Embarking on his impactful journey in fitness coaching over two decades ago, Seamus has cultivated a diverse clientele, ranging from elite athletes like footballers to professional boxers. His mission is to steer them towards lives that are not just healthier but also more fulfilling.

Equipped with expertise in hypnotherapy, breathwork coaching, and an affiliation with the Demartini Institute, Seamus empowers individuals to shatter limiting barriers, paving the way for personal and business triumphs. Despite an unconventional start marked by a lack of academic qualifications and a phase clouded by legal issues, a transformative event in the form of a life-changing accident became the catalyst for profound change.

This pivotal moment acted as a turning point, propelling Seamus into a purpose-driven pursuit of behavioral coaching, fueled by a commitment to personal growth and redemption. Today, he stands as a testament to the power of resilience and transformation, exemplifying how challenges can be stepping stones toward a fulfilling and purposeful life.


Chase Tolleson
Business owner, Men’s Coach, Podcast Host

Chase Tolleson embodies a lifelong passion for fitness, boasting 15 years of professional experience in the field. 

His journey has evolved from serving as a dedicated movement and nutrition coach to a transformative role where he empowers individuals to delve deep into their narratives, seize ownership, and reshape the stories they tell themselves. His mission is to guide people toward experiencing the profound sense of well-being they associate with fitness enthusiasts.

Currently, Chase leverages his coaching expertise to assist men in transcending the “Dadbod”, fostering a holistic transformation from within to cultivate the embodiment of a nurturing Father Figure.

You can learn more about Chase here:

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