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Join a 90-day training program for driven men seeking growth in relationships, leadership, and purpose. Develop the clarity, confidence, and courage required to lead a more meaningful, joyful, and fulfilling life.

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what is this training about?


  • Dissatisfaction with work, a lack of purpose, meaning, vision, and direction in your personal and professional life.
  • Lack of motivation, procrastination, or even fear of creating changes you know you need to make.
  • A need for deeper connections despite having loved ones around.
  • Tension and trust issues in your relationship, while longing for more intimacy.
  • A need for more consistent and relevant support after having received therapy or coaching?

If you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, the “The Man You Want To Be” training program can assist you in overcoming these feelings, experiences, and challenges.

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the Training program
will help you...

  • Gain clarity about your purpose and mission.
  • Boost your self-confidence and feel more grounded and calm.
  • Experience greater freedom and enhanced well-being.
  • Deepen your relationships with yourself, your partner, and others.
  • Master your emotional intelligence, empathy and mindset.
  • Define and live by your own vision of success.
  • Rediscover passions, live authentically, and embrace your spontaneity and intuition.
  • Deepen your self-awareness. 
  • Break through your own self-imposed limitations or self-defeating thoughts.
  • Make genuine connections and be inspired by like-minded men.
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Our training program offers a practical and down-to-earth approach to personal growth, prioritising real-life experiences over theory. With experienced facilitators, small group dynamics, and a focus on trust-building, the training creates a supportive environment for your journey. We focus on consistency and long-term commitment, and our diverse global community fosters inclusive learning. Through embodied learning, a flexible structure, and continuous support, we provide a transformative journey tailored to your individual needs.


90 days



Group size

up to 8 Men

Frequency of sessions


Session Length


Peer support

WhatsApp group

Content delivery

Weekly videos


mindfulness &


90-days / 8 men / 12 sessions

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Before starting the training, we will send you forms to fill out. These questions and exercises help both you and us gain a better understanding of who you are and where you want to go. It allows us to tailor the training to your specific needs and ensure that you get what you want.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Trust-building and safety
  • Unmasking your true self
  • Self-discovery and authenticity
  • Genuine self-expression
  • Clear goal setting

In the first month, our focus is on clarity. We’ll lay the foundation by establishing trust within our group. Trust is key because, without it, you won’t feel safe exploring your true self. Through trust-building exercises, you’ll shed the masks you’ve worn for years and reveal your authentic self. It’s from this place of authenticity that you’ll discover the clarity needed to shape the life you desire.

You’ll learn how to: 

  • Tune into your inner voice
  • Break free from people-pleasing
  • Embrace your authentic self
  • Communicate effectively with self-expression
  • Transition from fear to excitement

The second month is all about building confidence. Unmasking your true self can be overwhelming, especially when you’ve spent years conforming to the expectations of others. We’ll help you connect with your inner voice and what’s true for you. The supportive group environment will be the ideal space for you to explore and strengthen your confidence. With clarity and confidence, you’ll not only feel excited about your journey but also have the ability to communicate your authentic self to the people around you.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Define your life vision
  • Discover your purpose
  • Take bold action
  • Create tangible impact
  • Access our supportive community

Month three is where we challenge you to take courageous steps. Having gained clarity and confidence, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned to create the life you truly desire. We’ll help you define your vision and purpose, diving deep into your core quest. This month is about embracing the courage to make a real impact in your life. It’s a pivotal step towards becoming the man you want to be.

As the training concludes, we’ll evaluate your progress, outcomes, and personal growth while helping you set new goals. You can also join our And Then What community, where you’ll find ongoing support, encouragement, and opportunities for learning and growth alongside other men who have completed the training.

At the end of these three transformative months, if you’re looking for ongoing support and growth, you can join the AND THEN WHAT Community. This is a space where men who’ve completed the training, come together for continuous 10-month cycles. This is where you can continue to build clarity, confidence, and courage while connecting with a community that is committed to personal growth, mutual support, and positive impact in the world.

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Weekly videos

You will receive a weekly video with the upcoming session’s content. This allows you to progress at your own pace and creates ample time for in-depth discussions and practices during the sessions.

continuous support

In addition to group sessions and check-ins, a trained facilitator will be available through WhatsApp support groups to address any doubts or questions, eliminating the need to wait for the next session.

What men say

words from the founder of on being man

Yaron Engler

For several years, I explored various formats of men’s groups, seeking a reliable, consistent, intense, and trustworthy space for personal growth. However, I couldn’t find one that met all my requirements.

In 2019, I created the community I had envisioned, inviting men to join me in exploring the broader context of masculinity. Since then, the community has thrived, attracting committed men from around the world who desire a solid agenda and an honest, direct approach to personal growth and connection.
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How Guys Benefit From on being men


Feel more grounded, calm, and confident in yourself


Gain clarity about your purpose, vision and mission

inner freedom

Experience a deeper sense of freedom and well being


Deepen your relationship with yourself, your partner, and others

emotional stability

Understand your mindset and emotions and use them effectively


Define your own definition of success and live by it
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“This week has seen a massive unexpected challenge in business. I have faced it positively and calmly. Prior to the program I would have felt very negative, angry, confused and bitter. I now see it as an opportunity. The work we did in the group has been life changing”

Ed, Uk

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The man you want to be

Over the 90 days, you’ll get:

  • 12 in-depth sessions
  • Ongoing peer & facilitator support
  • Relevant content Videos
  • Embodiment and mindfulness practices


Bonuses Included

IN ADDITION TO THE 90-DAY PROGRAM successful applicants also get:


Learn how to set and maintain your boundaries and gain back the sense of order, freedom, privacy and control that your mind and body need.


2. FREE Discover Your Core Values

Discover your core values in a simple six-step process. Your core values act like a personal compass, providing clarity and purpose to your decisions. They shape fulfilling relationships and serve as a powerful tool for navigating life authentically.

VALUE: £150 (FREE)

3. 1/3 off Your Core Quest WEEKEND 

Reset your direction in life in a powerful weekend workshop for men. Gain self-awareness, clarity on purpose, and a roadmap for decisive actions.  Expereince more joy, meaning, and fulfilment as your companions. When paired with the training, we’ll knock £165 off the price.

VALUE: £495 £330

4. 1/3 OFF  1:1 Coaching

Boost your training with five one-on-one coaching sessions uniquely tailored to your needs for increased clarity, confidence, and courage. When paired with the training, we’ll knock £333 off the price. It’s the ideal way to amplify your transformation and become the man you want to be.

VALUE: £999 £666

Frequently asked

Thinking about joining a group of men committed to this kind of self-development work can be both exciting and intimidating. You might have questions that other men face as well before joining like “Will I connect with the other men?” or “What kind of environment can I expect?”. The important thing to know is that our community isn’t about pretending to be overly macho, excessively spiritual or anything else. We keep things down to earth, direct and warm. To emphasise that, at the start of every session we read this statement ‘We are a group of men who support each other with an open heart to reach our highest values and potential on our individual journeys towards a creation of a better world. We meet regularly and consistently, with an uncompromising commitment to one another’s continuous growth.’ You can trust that you’ll find an inclusive space for genuine connections and personal progress.To get a sense of how the session feel like are welcome to come to one of our free taster sessions

On Being Men stands out by offering a perfect mix of the following:

  • A practical and down-to-earth approach that prioritises real-life experiences over high-level theories.
  • Programs run by trained facilitators who have experience in creating a supportive environment for personal growth.
  • A strong focus on applying knowledge to achieve tangible results, encouraging men to follow through with their actions.
  • Small group sizes to ensure deep connections, trust, and individualised attention for all participants.
  • Men from different countries and cultures, creating a powerful diversity and shared interest in growth.
  • Emphasis on embodied learning, going beyond the mere transmission of information to facilitate lasting transformation.
  • Continuous and consistent support

We have an agreement regarding Self-Honouring, emphasising the significance of honouring your values, boundaries, and well-being. You have the autonomy to determine the extent of your engagement in discussions and practices. Our commitment is to prioritise your safety while also encouraging growth within your comfort zone, as that’s where meaningful progress occurs. Picture it as a traffic light: most individuals reside in the green comfort zone, where growth is stagnant. However, we invite you to venture into the amber zone, where you can challenge yourself within your boundaries without crossing into the red zone, which signifies going too far. Remember, at every point, you are the driver of your journey. To get a sense of how the session feel like are welcome to come to one of our free taster sessions.

Building trust between participants and facilitators is crucial for the success of our work. That’s why we always encourage men to connect with our facilitators before joining the program by attending a taster session. Our facilitators have dedicated many years to their own self-development and growth. They are all trained and possess years of experience in coaching and facilitation, both within and beyond the realm of men’s groups. To learn more about our facilitators, visit the About page. If you’re interested in having a one-on-one conversation with our facilitators before joining, you can also book a discovery call .

In addition to continued discussions and feedback opportunities you’ll experience: 

  • Meditations 
  • Breathing exercises
  • Mindfulness practices
  • Embodiment practices 
  • Anger management practices
  • Shame/judgments release practices
  • Cleansing & Clearing exercises (information, intakes, people)

You’ll participate in a total of 12 sessions, with eight of them spanning two hours each. The first, two middle, and final sessions are extended to three hours. We allocate more time to these four sessions because building trust is a priority, and certain practices require a deeper exploration that we don’t want to rush. Alongside the sessions, you’ll have short content videos to watch, weekly check-in calls with a chosen man (or more, as you prefer), and assignments to engage with between sessions. To fully immerse yourself in the program, we recommend dedicating a minimum of 3-4 hours per week. Naturally, the more time and focus you invest, the greater the benefits you’ll receive from this program. It’s an opportunity worth embracing at your own pace.

The CROP cycle is a simple framework created by Yaron, designed to accommodate the individual’s preferred pace and intensity while enabling the group to progress collectively. To learn more about the CROP cycle, click here.

Absolutely. We actually encourage you to join one of our free taster session. To book yourself click here.

We get it if you’re unsure about investing in yourself and feel guilty or selfish for spending money on personal growth. It’s a common feeling, and society often says it’s a waste of time and money. You might worry about what others will think or if it’ll really help you.


Our experience shows that investing in yourself is crucial to avoid feeling stuck and unhappy. Our team invests in their own growth too, so we’re in this together. We’re here to support you, give guidance, and understand where you’re coming from. If our program isn’t right for you, we’ll help you find other options that might be a better fit. It starts with a chat or a free trial, and you’re not obligated to continue. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain. When you’re ready, join our free trial session or book a chat with a facilitator. It’s all about taking that first step towards your own growth and fulfilment.

Many men choose to boost their training with additional one-on-one sessions. These five one-hour sessions are uniquely tailored to your needs, providing a personalised approach for increased clarity, confidence, and courage. When paired with the training, you’ll receive a special discount, paying only £1000 (regularly £1500). It’s the ideal way to amplify your transformation and become the man you want to be. 

At the end of these three transformative months, if you’re looking for ongoing support and growth, you can join the AND THEN WHAT Community. This is a space where men who’ve completed the training, come together for continuous 10-month cycles. This is where you can continue to build clarity, confidence, and courage while connecting with a community that is committed to personal growth, mutual support, and positive impact in the world.


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