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Discover how “On Being Men” can guide you through our tailored 90-day program, fostering a supportive brotherhood that empowers your journey towards a more fulfilled and real self.



Unlock your true potential with our transformative 90-day journey

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“Boost your self-confidence and feel more grounded and calm.”

How Guys Benefit from On Being Men

Unlock transformative growth with insights and tools for confidence, clarity, and purpose. Empower your journey to become your best self.

Continuous Support

Personalised Growth and Support

Experience a tailored journey towards personal and professional growth with our 90-day online training program, featuring weekly group sessions, educational videos, and an exclusive WhatsApp support group for ongoing encouragement and guidance.

overcome the obstacles

Clarity and Courage

Discover and overcome the obstacles that hold you back. Our comprehensive approach provides consistent, honest feedback and support, helping you gain clarity of purpose, values in life, and the courage to face your fears, take risks, and embrace the life you want.

Genuine Connection

Community and Belonging

Completing the training gives you access to our vibrant community of men who empower and uplift each other. Our community builds a sense of belonging and brotherhood, providing a safe space for you to share, learn, and grow together ensuring you never feel alone on your journey.

What is The Training All About?

Become The Man You Want To Be In 90 Days

Discovery Session

Sign up for a discovery session with your group facilitator and coach who will guide you through what to expect and how you can get the most from On Being Men.

Intention/Goal Setting

Participate in weekly group sessions led by expert coaches, access to 1:1 group support via WhatsApp, and a library of educational videos tailored to men's growth and development.

Transform Your Life

Through our structured program, community support, and ongoing feedback, you'll gain the tools and confidence to improve your relationships, clarify your purpose, and achieve a sense of freedom and belonging.

"The biggest changes I've seen in myself as a result of the work we've done include slowing down mentally and emotionally and delving deeper into consistent spiritual practice and work."

What Men Say

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How Guys Benefit From Joining


Feel more grounded, calm, and confident in yourself.


Gain clarity about your purpose, vision and mission.

Inner Freedom

Experience a deeper sense of freedom and well being.


Experience a deeper sense of freedom and well being.

Emotional Stability

Understand your mindset and emotions and use them effectively.


Define your own definition of success and live by it.

Meet the founder


As someone who was often told that drumming was just a hobby and that I needed to get a “real job,” I refused to give up my passion and turned it into a successful international career. Throughout my journey, I toured around the world, lived in four different countries, and worked in leading roles such as Musical Director and Lead Musician in big productions and ambitious projects.

While pursuing my drumming career, I struggled with recurring episodes of depression that started when I was just 15. Despite being advised to take medication, I felt compelled to find a more natural solution and embarked on a journey of self-exploration. After years of learning about the connection between the body, mind, and spirit, I was finally able to overcome the depression that had plagued me for 20 years.

Due to my experience with rough communication between my own parents and feeling lost in the area of intimate relationships, I was determined to build a foundation of deep, open, and honest communication with my wife. As a father of two, I also use the same approach with my children and their education.

In 2014, I found my way into the work with men after hearing about the impact it created for some men I saw as great role models. Since then, I have participated, assisted, facilitated, and analysed many different approaches to this work. Through my own life experience and merging my findings, I created the CROP Cycle as a simple framework to help other driven men learn and grow in the areas of relationships, purpose, and freedom.


simon crowe

I found my way into men’s work around 2012, when I was struggling with anxiety and insecurity in relation to my wife. I already had experienced the end of one marriage and was determined to create a relationship that embodied commitment, respect, and love – the only trouble was I didn’t know how.

I was already a successful coach and knew the answers could only be found by going inwards and also understood that I would have to explore my shadow side, however the idea terrified me and I felt overwhelmed, insecure, and also a bit of a fraud.

To help me overcome these feelings, I sought out a male role model that I could trust, and he introduced me to a group of other men who I could allow myself to be vulnerable and feel supported by. With their backing I went on a journey that helped me to take some massive steps towards tackling my problems.

The growth I experienced through this extraordinary environment inspired me to set up a men’s group of my own.  I wanted something that would challenge me to go deeper and through the power of our commitment to each other, I continued to get stronger emotionally, and I developed practices that helped me to be more grounded and more resilient and I became a much better coach and husband in the process.

I have since taken these learnings and approaches and blended them with my leadership skills and expertise in helping people transform their lives and now, I create supportive spaces for others to embark on their own journey of empowerment and self-discovery.

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