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With John Patrick Morgan & Yaron Engler

Explore the profound connection between money and personal growth. Learn practical tips for financial freedom while staying true to your values.

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At On Being Men provide driven men with consistent support for real-life issues through deep conversations and challenging practices that lead to meaningful growth and success. We focus on honest communication and alignment to purpose as we believe they are key to the creation of healthy relationships, clarity, confidence and freedom.

the workshop

Have you ever asked yourself why money matters?

In this free session Yaron Engler, the founder of On Being Men invites John Patrick Morgan to explore the deep connection between money and personal growth.  Many men get all worked up about money. They make money a big deal. Money is indeed a big subject for men and in this session we’re going to dive deep and explore this subject from a few interesting angles.

Who is this workshop for? 

The workshop if for driven men who are interested in growth and freedom in the areas of leadership, relationship and purpose.

Are you a man wanting to quit your corporate job? Worried  about losing those financial perks? John’s got your back with tips on how to gain financial freedom without sacrificing your life’s freedom.

Don’t worry if you’re not a numbers whiz. Having worked with many people from all walks of life, John and Yaron will keep things simple and tangible. The plan is to make the conversation down-to-earth and practical, and explore how to make money sustainably.

We’ll also dig into the spiritual side of money and how making money doesn’t have to clash with your values.

We’ll also address the “how much is enough?” question, helping you find that money boundary.

For ambitious individuals aiming to build substantial wealth without losing themselves, John offers valuable advice. If time permits, he’ll also share personal stories of his financial journey’s lows and highs to inspire and demonstrate the attainability of this goal.

If relevant to the men in the room, we might reach out to dads with a few powerful tips on handling money matters with children, setting them up for a bright financial future.

Keeping things simple

There’s a lot of explore and we aim to keep thing upbeat and relevant. This talk is all about everyday language and real-life solutions for men seeking growth and freedom in leadership, relationships, and purpose. So if you want to explore the idea of why money matters join us, and let’s look at money in a way that brings us all closer to our dreams.

John Patrick Morgan
John Patrick Morgan
John Morgan with his kids
John Patrick Morgan who will be our guest Speaker at Why Money Matters

The Host

Yaron Engler
Founder of On Being Men, Speaker & Drummer

Hello, I’m Yaron Engler, founder of On Being Men. Leading a heart-based life, my career as a drummer has taken me around the world, but financial success has been a roller coaster.

Through my intense work with men over the last decade, I’ve seen many struggle with money. It’s a delicate subject for many, regardless of their wealth. That’s why discussing money is a perfect way to start our series of events at On Being Men.

These free events aim to inspire driven men seeking growth and freedom in leadership, relationships, and purpose. When thinking of a speaker on money, John Patrick Morgan immediately came to mind. His unique approach to life and money, along with his commitment to growth, always challenges my thinking and opens my mind and heart to new ideas. I strongly recommend you not to miss this opportunity.

Yaron Engler in a conversation

The Speaker

John Patrick Morgan
Practical Philosopher, Writer & Speaker

JP leads a team of Creating Champions who teach, coach, and guide thousands of entrepreneurs and artists in being more free, loving, and powerful. By learning and embodying the Creating perspective, their clients achieve a union of outcomes in spiritual growth, material success, and social impact. 

Post his formal studies in Physics and Mathematics, John Patrick built multiple small businesses (including one from a laptop and a backpack before the term ‘digital nomad’ existed), developed real estate, travelled the world for years on end, coached human rights leaders, recorded albums & toured with his band, created a children’s library in Cambodia, learned to scuba dive & pilot gliders, published writing and photography, competed as a black belt & triathlete, trained with Buddhist monks in India, cycled toured for months on end and many other adventures.  In recent years, his adventures have turned inward as his family came to be. He and his wife now reside with their two young boys in the countryside at 4000′ on a mountain in Maui. 


John Patrick Morgan - our guest speaker at Why Money Matters


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