Where Can I Find A Men’s Group Near Me?

A men's group in a Core Quest weekend of On Being Men in London.

Where can I find a men’s group near me? What is it like being in a men’s group? If you find yourself pondering these questions, this article aims to provide you clarity and guidance. It will help you gain a better understanding of what men’s groups truly are and how you can locate the perfect one for you, whether it’s in your local community or online.

The Misconceptions behind Men’s groups

There are numerous misconceptions surrounding men’s groups, but having personally explored them in various formats and geographical locations, I can confidently debunk most of them. Men’s groups serve as spaces for support, communication, learning, and genuine connection. Consequently, I challenge these preconceived notions and encourage you to embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth within the empowering realm of men’s groups.

Misconceptions about men’s groups often give rise to fear, judgement, and even anger. Some mistakenly believe that these groups demand a rigidly macho attitude. Others perceive them as gatherings of woo-woo hippies. Certain individuals even label men’s groups as cult-like or hostile toward women. As someone who has explored this landscape from various perspectives—as a facilitator, assistant, participant, and member of peer groups—I can confidently assert that these assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth. Men’s groups are founded on principles of support, communication, learning, openness, love, and understanding.

Finding your path

That said, it’s crucial to acknowledge that not all men’s group spaces may embody the right attitude. To ensure you’re heading in the right direction, you need to know what you’re getting into. My intention here is to guide you toward clarity and help you discern the essence of men’s groups. This way you can find the type that suits you best. If you google “Men’s groups near me” you probably won’t find a huge amount of information. After all, the concept of men’s groups is still quite unknown. But there are groups everywhere and even if a physical group isn’t available in your area, there are options online. So, let’s embark on this journey together, as we navigate the realm of men’s groups and uncover the possibilities that await for you.


Men, as a demographic, possess unique needs and experiences that can be better addressed in a gender-specific setting. By providing a safe space exclusively for men, these groups enable discussions around topics that resonate deeply with their gender like fatherhood, purpose, masculinity and relationships. In this unique setting, shared experiences intertwine, and the wisdom gained becomes a powerful tool for growth and understanding. 

Gender dynamics play a crucial role in shaping group dynamics and discussions. In a men-only group with clear set rules participants feel a sense of brotherhood, a shared understanding of the complexities surrounding masculinity, societal expectations, and the nuances that define their experiences. It is within this space that meaningful conversations flourish, shedding light on issues that often go unexplored. 

Here’s an example of some of the agreement we have at our community On Being Men.

A sample of On Being Men's agreements

Through the facilitation of genuine connections and in some cases also embodiment practises, strong bonds are created. These bonds often extended beyond the group setting. These connections create a supportive network where individuals can rely on one another, forming a collective strength that becomes a solid pillar of support in navigating life’s challenges.

Moreover, men’s groups delve into the broader context of culture and history. These gatherings provide an avenue to examine gender roles, societal expectations, and the far-reaching impacts of patriarchy from a male perspective. By acknowledging and dissecting these factors, men can work towards a more enlightened understanding of themselves and their role in society.

It’s essential to emphasise that gender-specific men’s groups do not negate the experiences and needs of others. On the contrary, many of these groups actively collaborate with women’s groups and other organisations to address broader gender equality issues. They recognise the importance of inclusive solutions and strive towards a more equitable world.


As you embark on your journey to answer the question “Where can I find a local men’s group near me?”, you’ll likely run into several options. If it’s your first time, you may be curious about what to expect from joining a men’s group, so are some of the common elements you’ll find in the space of men’s groups: 

Peer support

First and foremost, men’s groups offer peer support—an invaluable gift in a world that often encourages us to face our battles alone. Within these groups, you’ll find a safe space where you can connect with others who may have walked a similar path, face similar challenges, or share similar interests. It’s a space where you can open up, share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences, and in return, receive a sense of brotherhood and support that can truly make a difference.

A safe space 

Many men’s groups dive deep into the realm of emotions and mental well-being. They provide a platform for open and honest discussions, where you can explore the depths of your own emotional landscape. Here, you can share your personal struggles, fears, and anxieties without judgement. It’s a space where vulnerability is celebrated and self-awareness is nurtured. It’s a space where personal growth becomes not just a possibility, but a tangible reality.

Health & Wellness 

Health and wellness take centre stage in many men’s groups. There is an understanding of the importance of nurturing your physical and mental well-being. From engaging in exercise sessions to practising mindfulness, some groups offer opportunities to enhance your overall well-being. You might find workshops on stress management, nutrition, and self-care, empowering you to make positive changes in your life.


Learning and developing skills is another vital aspect of some men’s groups. They become a fertile ground for learning and growth with workshops, seminars, and training sessions on communication skills, relationship building, leadership, and personal development. It’s a space where you can refine your abilities, acquire new knowledge, and unlock your full potential.


Men’s groups can also serve as a platform for networking and social connections with opportunities to expand your social circle and build new friendships. The connections you make can be profound and lasting, providing a sense of belonging and support.

Accountability & Motivation 

Accountability and motivation can become your allies in many men’s groups. By setting personal goals and sharing them with your peers, you invite a level of accountability that fuels your progress. The encouragement and support you receive from your fellow group members and the opportunity to observe them with their struggles and successes serve as a constant reminder of your own potential. Together, you celebrate victories and navigate challenges, creating an environment where motivation thrives.

Wisdom, Knowledge & Experience 

Sharing knowledge and experiences is at the heart of men’s groups. Here, you have the opportunity to offer advice, guidance, and mentorship to others while benefiting from the wisdom they also have to share. It’s a space where you can learn from each other, drawing upon the collective experiences and expertise of the group to fuel your personal and professional growth.

IMen’s groups provide a safe space for emotional exploration, where vulnerability is celebrated, self-awareness is nurtured, and personal growth becomes a tangible reality. 


The benefits of men’s groups are not a one-size-fits-all experience. They can vary greatly depending on the specific group, its structure, facilitation approach, the unique needs and interests of its members and more. Finding the right group can make a world of difference in your personal growth journey. Conversely, the wrong group can leave you feeling frustrated, disappointed, and resentful. Before joining a group I’d recommend you to inquire about the group’s focus, activities, and approach. Ask about the values they uphold, the atmosphere they cultivate, and the support they provide. By seeking the answers that resonate with you, you can embark on a men’s group journey that truly enhances your life. 

To help you navigate this decision, here are some questions to consider: 


Consider the challenges you are facing and find a group that focuses on relevant subjects to meet your needs.


By assessing your commitment and preferred level of engagement you’ll be able to better find a group that matches your pace and capacity.


Do you want to meet every week? Every month? Ad hoc? 

Facilitation Style 

Would you benefit more from loose and community-based facilitation, or would structured facilitation guided by experienced facilitators serve you better?

Face To Face/Online 

Would you prefer face-to-face or online participation? In-person interaction fosters deeper connections. Online engagement offers flexibility and a broader community reach.


Are you seeking a space primarily focused on sharing and support, a group that fosters learning and growth, or would a mix of both serve you best?

A zoom group session of the advanced men's group group And Then What of On Being Men community


My journey with men’s groups

After realising that the men’s groups near me didn’t align with what I was seeking, I took the time to analyse the reasons behind it. This introspection led me to define a new path. In 2019, I established what is now known as On Being Men – a thriving community of driven men that continues to grow since. At On Being Men, we have delved into what truly benefits men within our community, and we’ve discovered that solely focusing on vulnerability isn’t enough.

To move beyond that, we pose the following questions:

  • If, as men, we have the courage to open up and be vulnerable – then what? 
  • What kind of men do we want to be? 
  • What kind of a world do we want to create?

Our focus is on the creation of that vision, and vulnerability is just one tool out of many we use. The main focus is on purpose, personal growth and development of more direct, honest and courageous communication. We’ve witnessed the transformative impact these elements have on the men in our community, and the ripple effect which expands also to their families, communities and workplaces. 

An opportunity for you

At On Being Men, we believe that for driven men being in a space that offers consistent support and positive relevant challenges is the best foundation for meaningful growth. This is why we run our 90-day training program – The Man You Want To Be. During this time you can expect to do deep work on yourself that leads to more clarity and freedom. Then, you have the option to join the community to deepen the work further. 

That said, we also know that newcomers who haven’t yet had any experience with this kind of work need to experience it firsthand before making the commitment. That’s why we offer free taster sessions that provide an opportunity to see what it’s like. If you’re interested, you can join us by clicking here.


Men’s groups provide spaces for support, communication, learning, and genuine connection, offering a transformative journey of self-discovery and personal growth.

By finding the right group you can experience:

  • Peer support
  • Emotional exploration in a safe space
  • Health and wellness initiatives
  • Self-development opportunities
  • Networking opportunities
  • Accountability
  • Sharing of wisdom


On Being Men is an example of a community focused on purpose, personal growth, and honest communication. We offer full programs and free taster sessions for men’s self-improvement journey. If you feel that you’re ready to start your journey we’ll be happy to help. 

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